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Thursday, July 28, 2011

6 Libre Tea Glass Review and Giveaway Ends 08-20

If you are a tea lover, than you are also going to want your tea on-the-go. Up to now, if I'm rushing to gather my things and about to run out the door, I'll pass on the tea because I simply don't have the time. With the Libra Tea glass, you can take that tea with you quickly and it can brew in the car with you.

I am trying to drink less coffee and more tea because I actually like unsweetened hot tea. I'm trying my hardest to stay away from the fatty creamer that I use to drink my coffee. There's also nothing like a nice cup of hot tea, especially if you venture and get the flavored ones. My favorite in my cabinet is apple spice loose tea.
When given the opportunity to try out Libre Tea's glass, I was beyond excited. You mean now I can take my tea with me? I love the concept.

First of all, I want to revel in the beauty of the container and lid. It really is striking in it's design and I'd never guess at first glance that it was to make tea with if I saw it on someone's desk.  The pic above is the top. It has a beautiful design in gold. There is also decorative etching along the side of the lid.
The Libre glass ‘n poly has a health-conscious glass interior for fresh taste and a durable polycarbonate exterior for ‘on the go’ durability. The stainless steel tea filter is surrounded by BPA free polypropylene as is the lid interior. Can be used 2 ways to brew and travel with loose leaf tea.
Volume: 260mL
Size: approximately 7.5″ tall, 2.5″ diameter
Materials: glass, BPA free polycarbonate, stainless steel
Price: $24 CAD
Shipping: Shipped from Vancouver, Canada and Los Angeles, USA. Express Delivery available.
It is very easy to use. You can use it one of two ways. If you have those flower type teas that open up as they sit in the water, you can put that in the glass portion with the hot water. If you are working with loose leaf tea, which is what I like, you put 2 to 3 grams of it (a couple pinches) on top of the filter. You can either pour the hot water directly onto the tea bits, or you can put the hot water into the glass portion, close the lid, and turn over.

The first time that I did it, I failed to close it properly and did make a little bit of a mess when I turned it over. After that, it was smooth sailing. I like to put the hot water in the glass portion, the tea onto the filter and close it up. On my way to work, or just sitting at my desk at home, I turn it upside down until I like the color. Then all you have to do is open it and drink.
I have the original container. Libre Tea also carries a mug style that I'd love to have one day. Check them out online. You can buy them online or at a local retailer. I'm in Florida, so there was only one retailer in my state. If you live in Canada, you'd have much better luck at finding someone locally to buy them. I'll just go with buying online. :)
Needless to say I love my Libre Tea glass container. It is a welcome addition to my fight to be more healthy and I plan to use it daily. These would make great gifts too. I already have one person in mind that would love to have one of these for Christmas. (Which will be here in a matter of no time!)

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