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Thursday, March 10, 2011

0 Old Navy Ankle Jeans Review


Through CrowdTap, I received coupons for free Old Navy ankle jeans. What are ankle jeans? They are longer than a capri but shorter than a regular pant.

When I first went into the Old Navy, I searched around and had difficulty finding them. I only found that out, after asking the associate who had no idea where either. It was a mission to find the ankle jeans. We finally found them and it was no wonder why, there were two stacks one of skinny cuff and one of flare cuff and no signs anywhere.

I decided to go with the flare bottom because I don't do skinny jeans of any sort. They just don't work well with this body. When I think of flare, my mind goes straight to some hipster bell bottoms but these were not. They were just like a boot leg type bottom compared to what I usually buy. The fit was amazing, low on the hips. The length of the pants are supposed to be ankle length. I am so darn short that they were really just regular pants on me. Even though they aren't the intended length on me, I love them. They fit great and I'll wear them everywhere.

Crowdtap sent me 3 other coupons for free ankle jeans that I gave to my friends. I've gotten feedback from two of them so far. One thinks they are weird and she's not a fan of how they fit and the other absolutely loves them and dresses them up with heels. The third person, I haven't gotten feedback from yet. There ya go- to each their own.

I also want to mention that CrowdTap is awesome. I've already cashed out $10 worth of Amazon cards with the money that I've earned doing surveys and now I get the chance to try these jeans for free. Go sign up for it. The surveys are super quick and I'm proof that you do get the benefits.

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