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Thursday, February 24, 2011

0 Synonyms Board Game Review

I've discovered another fun and challenging game for everyone to try. This fast paced synonym word game is great for the family and even more fun with larger groups. This game is very challenging and only for players 10 and up.

Ages: 10 to Adult
Number of Players: 2-8
Game time: 30 minutes plus
"Minutes to learn, a lifetime of fun!"

The visual aspect of the game is attractive. It has a basic game board that's purpose is to move you through the game. You tally your points on a score sheet and the winner is chosen on the score sheet.
The game comes with 2 timers, multi-colored player pieces, and cards. The cards having different difficulties depending on their color. Green - Easy, Yellow - Medium, Red - Hard

We sat down and played as a family. This game is recommended for ages 10 and up. My kids are 8 and 11 so I gave it a shot anyway.  The settup was a breeze and the instructions were easy to follow. The main component of the gameplay is drawing a synonym card and having to spout out as many synonyms as you can think of for the word on the card until the timer runs out. With a typical turn, the goal is to get 3 synonyms.

I know I've been out of school for a while but I actually had some difficulty with many of them, especially the red ones. I'd draw the card and completely go blank on what the synonyms would be for that word. Then, when the timer ran out and I looked at the synonyms listed on the card, I would feel so dumb for not thinking of them. "Of course, that is so obvious!" The more we got into playing it, the easier it was to remember the synonyms for each word. I guess you just have to get the wheels turning in the ol' noggin. After playing for a while longer, I was in my groove and having so much fun with it.
My 11 year old did about the same as me with performance and he's in gifted. This is the perfect challenging game for him and I can see it being a big hit with teenagers.
My 8 year old didn't do as well. Obviously, the game isn't designed for a child that young. I was pretty proud of her that she was able to recall at least one synonym for her each of her cards. That was impressive to me, especially when I was struggling with some of mine.
My daughter actually said to me after playing that she thinks she would do better with an antonym game and I should buy one of those. Kids are so cute sometimes.
Bottom line, I enjoyed playing this game a lot. It was challenging but I thrive on those type of games and it is making me want to learn more synonyms so I can kick butt next time I play it. It is a great educational game that I know if we keep playing it, it will only help my children and keep them learning. This would be a fantastic tool for the classroom.

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product for review. No monetary compensation was provided. The opinions here are my own.


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