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Thursday, January 6, 2011

0 Skintactix Blogger Challenge

I posted before that I was taking the Skintactix 30 day blogger challenge. I've went 30 days and now I get to share my experience with you.

First of all, Skintactix is a variety of acne treatment products that are effective and also natural. I love that the products are natural. It's a feature that I look for while shopping for products, especially something I'll put applying to my face everyday!

Skintactix sent me a set that contained three 1.2 oz. bottles. (Cleanser, Exfoliator, Poultice) They were suprisingly small and meant to last 30 days. I thought for sure I'd run out of at least one of them, but I actually still have quite a bit left of each.

Cleanser: You wash your face with it and rinse with water. It's a pleasant aroma and washes away easily, without leaving any residue on the skin. Then you just pat dry.

Exfoliator: This you apply a small amount. You can decide what works best for you to apply it, whether you want to use your fingers, a cotton pad / swab, etc. I personally like to just use my fingers to apply it. I find I can get the best coverage and end up using much less than when I use the cotton pad. The smell of the exfoliator is similar to an astringent but the texture is more like a gel so it spreads easily. You leave this on the skin.

Poultice: This must contain the magic, I'm convinced of it. LoL. I spread this on the same way I did with the exfoliator. It is a smooth texture and is a little thicker than your typical lotion. It's scent is almost like a mud mask, which is not unpleasant, but may take a little bit to get used to it.

I used this product series over a 30 day period. I will admit, there were a few days here and there that I was slacking and did not use, but life does kind of get in my way sometimes. The series only takes a couple minutes to apply which didn't hinder my day at all. My problem is forgetting about it and procrastinating that I'll apply it that night, then maybe the next morning...and so on.

I do suffer from acne and have since I was a teen. Mine is hormone driven due to some female issues so will never really go away. My body doesn't know what to do with itself sometimes, so I get flare ups of acne where it will get really bad at times where my whole face hurts, then will calm down. Because my face usually hurts, I can't help but keep my hands from my face which just makes acne worse. The main problem for me is not really the acne itself, but the aftermath that is left to try to heal.

I won't make any kind of blanket statement that this product "cured" my acne because I'm dealing with the fact that I will always have acne here and there. I can say that this product helped calm my burning face significantly. When it is broken out, it will actually hurt, which will give me the urge to mess with my face. It's almost unconcious at times where my hubby or family member will correct me and I'll realize that I'm even doing it. Bottom line, when it's sore and hurting, it just gets worse because I can't keep my hands away so my face can just heal. The Skintactix calms that burn and I don't get that urge. Now my face can heal like it's supposed to, where a flare-up can heal in a much quicker time and ultimately leave less scarring on my face.

I was pleased at the results and do recommend it to anyone else that has acne issues. 

Skintactix did provide me with the kit for the purposes of this review. No other compensation was provided. 


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