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Friday, January 21, 2011

0 Skin MD Natural Review and Giveaway Ends 02-21

Skin MD Natural is new to me. Their lotion is a "shielding" lotion which has ingredients that not only moisturize your skin but actually heals your skin so that it has long lasting softness.
I was excited to try out this product and to see the difference between a lotion and a shielding lotion. I received a 4 oz bottle of the Skin MD Natural Shielding lotion and sample packets of the lotion that contains SPF. 

I was worried that the bottle wouldn't last me very long, until I saw how little you have to use at a time. The directions say to apply a small amount and you really only need a tiny amount. For my hands, I use only a pea sized bit of lotion and it's enough to cover my hands completely. This bottle is going to last me longer than I expected. The texture of the lotion was very thin. It is that consistency on purpose, so that the ingredients can repair the skin layer while still allowing your pores to breathe, unlike the thick lotion that I was using before that just smothered my pores. At first, it was odd having the lotion so thin, but it actually spreads evenly that way, unlike the thicker lotions that you have to rub in thoroughly. 

The first couple of days, it did seem like I was applying it every couple of hours, and that worried me that it wasn't working as well as it should. After doing that for a couple of days, I could feel the difference. My skin was much smoother and as the days progressed, I needed to apply less and less. I'm at the point now, where I can work for 12 hours and only apply once or twice during my shift. That's taking into account that I type a lot and am constantly washing my hands.
My advice would be to keep up with it for at least the first couple days and not to get discouraged when you have to apply so often during the first couple days.. You will love the results in the end.
I really enjoy the scent of the product. The lotion contains no added frangrances, but you smell the natural ingredients that are in it. One of the main ingredients is aloe, perhaps that is a bit of the scent, but it smells so fresh. 
Some facts from their site
The outer layer of skin is made up of dead skin cells, natural oils and lipids (fats). It is designed by nature to protect your deeper layers of skin from irritants and toxins. Once this protective layer is damaged it can allow irritants to penetrate your outer layer of skin, potentially causing dry skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies and many other less desirable skin and health problems. Dry itchy skin is nature's way of warning you that the protective elements of your outer layer of skin have been stripped away. A shielding lotion works with skin to restore and strengthen skin's natural barrier, helping to prevent toxins and irritants from damaging skin and robbing it of its moisture.

I am pleased with the results and have already noticed a remarkable difference just within the week that I've been using it. I have replaced my previous lotion with Skin MD and carry it around everywhere with me in my purse. I get so involved with these products that I review, when I find one that I love like this one, I urge all of my friends to try it out too. They think it's funny when I am pushing my new fantastic product on them but they fall in love as soon as they try it too. :)

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I was sent this product for the purposes of this review, I did not receive any other compensation. These are my opinions. 


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