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Sunday, January 9, 2011

0 SeaPak Review

One of my guilty pleasure snacks is shrimp. I just love it just about every way that it comes. ::flashbacks of bubba gump:: Oh my! :) SeaPak has a shrimp product line that is tasty and convenient. A couple of my favorites are shrimp scampi and the breaded shrimp - all sizes.

When given the opportunity at doing a review, I jumped at the chance. Even when standing in front of the SeaPak section in the freezer aisle, I tossed back and forth whether I wanted to get a breaded shrimp or the shrimp scampi. They all looked so yummy. I ultimately decided on the Shrimp Poppers. They are tiny little breaded shrimp perfect for snacking. I didn't even need any sauce to dip them in. They were so yummy by themselves.

Even though my kids have eaten and liked shrimp before, they wouldn't eat any of the shrimp I had these all to myself. Muah ha ha! :) I cooked up about half the package and baked it. The name suits it well, because they are so yummy, I was popping them in my mouth on after another like popcorn. I'm going to have to cook these in moderation because I could probably eat a whole bag in one seating at the rate I was eating them.  They don't have the tails on them or anything so even better!

These would make a great snack or lunch. The bag could easily serve a family lunch. Cooking them is so simple, just throw in the oven on a cookie sheet and bake. I use foil to line my baking sheets so the cleanup was a breeze. The next time I shop SeaPak, I am going to try the shrimp scampi. That would be so good paired up with some pasta.

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I was sent this product for the purposes of this review, I did not receive any other compensation. These are my opinions.


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