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Friday, January 21, 2011

0 Glow Crazy Review

Glow Crazy is a new product that lets your kids write on the walls. You probably had a mini-heart attack right there thinking of your kids writing all over the walls. I've been there....done that. I'm not being literal, of course. With Glow Crazy, you can write on an adhesive wall cling with light! You can draw your own designs onto the paper using the power of light onto the glow in the dark wall cling. 
The Glow Crazy package contains a glow crazy pen, two glow in the dark wall clings, stencils, and instructions. The pen takes 4 AAA batteries. It is a dual-action glow-beam generator that works from 10 feet away! The glow in the dark wall cling have adhesive backs that allow you to stick them to the wall. There are stencils with fun shapes to design with.
The kids had a blast with it and of course I had my turn to play. I might have even had more fun than the kids and even got my hubby in on it. The kids were asking for it back to play with it. I guess I'm a big kid at heart. It reminded me of playing with my kids magna-doodles :)
The adhesive didn't stick well to the back of my bedroom door (which is a grainy wood texture) that I stuck it to and did fall down. It didn’t have any problems sticking to the wall itself. The best place seemed to be the door though, just because there was more room to stand in the room, so I just taped it along with top with masking tape and that did the trick. The adhesive itself is strong enough that it will stay put but can easily peel it off the wall and apply somewhere else without leaving any sticky residue. It's pretty versatile.

Speaking for my kids and myself, we loved Glow Crazy. Today, I was playing with it again. The pics that I tried taking didn't turn out because I was trying to take them while it was dark in the room. No matter which way I tried it, I couldn't take the pic but would have loved to show you my beautiful creations. You can get the idea from the image taken from their site (above) how cool it is.

This product is something that will stick around. You don't just use it and toss it out. You can continue using it over and over. If you have to move or something just stick it to paper and roll it up. Next time use the tape to stick it to the wall. We don't plan on moving anytime soon, so I have a feeling that they will have a permanent home on the backs of the doors where I put them.
You can purchase it online at for just $24.99

I was provided this product for review purposes. I did not receive any other compensation. All opinions here are my own.


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