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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

0 Swanson Health Products Review

Swanson sells an extensive variety of health products. Somehow I stumbled upon their website and was amazed at all of the vitamins and dietary supplements they carry. They have just about every kind of vitamin you could want. There are so many that I couldn't pronounce the name if I wanted to. LoL

They even have products designed especially for men, women, kids, joint health, heart health, etc. They even have products for pets! With some digging, I even found non-pills health products such as Burts Bees products. I love them!

I take my vitamins daily like One-a-day, Vitamin B and Vitamin B complex. I get into kicks where I will use other dietary supplements that contain Acai or Fish Oil or Flax Seed. You get the picture. While I know that I will take my vitamins daily, the dietary supplements are usually trends and I pick them up whenever I feel the urge.

Swanson sent me two products for review:
 SuperFoods Daily Power Shake
 Info from their site:
  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • No Artificial Colors or Sweeteners
Balanced Planets' SuperFoods Daily Power Shake Whey Protein with PGX - Double Chocolate is delicious and nutritious! These high nutrient smoothie shakes are made with undenatured whey protein that has been processed at a low temperature to preserve the bioactivity of the protein. Each serving is bursting with the goodness of goji and acai berries plus healthy vitamins that work synergistically to provide valuable nutrition that is easily assimilated.
I don't normally drink whey protein shakes. My hubby used to drink them everyday when he worked a a labor intensive job, so that he could bulk up from the workout that his job provided. Even without using it to work out, whey protein has a great supply of vitamins that I thought would be great for me to try out. When you first open the container, the chocolate scent is very strong and the texture is like a moist brown sugar. Per the directions, I put two scoops in with 8 oz of water and ice into my magic bullet and blended. The shake was very thick. The smell was still very chocolately. The taste I have to say I didn't care for. It wasn't the chocolate part, I think it was the whey protein itself. Whey is a bi-product of milk and naturally has a faint curdled milk aftertaste to it. I personally did not enjoy that part of it. I gave it to my hubby to try since he's experienced in the whey protein shake department. He made his with milk and left out the ice. He said that it is thicker than what he's tried before and that the taste "could be worse" and that maybe a different flavor like vanilla would taste better. Overall, if you aren't weight building and just looking for vitamins, I wouldn't choose whey protein for your source of vitamins, I myself, would probably go with a pill form.

Info from their site:

  • L-Carnitine fumarate
  • Helps produce energy from fats
  • Vegetarian capsules
L-Carnitine is an amino acid found in high concentrations in heart and liver tissues, where, inside the cells (mitochondria), L-Carnitine helps transform fats into energy. L-Carnitine also promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates and enhances the rate of oxidative phosphorylation, the final stage of energy production.
When starting any type of pills regimen, I'm always nervous because you don't know what kind of reaction your body will have. I've been taking these for over a week and haven't noticed any ill-effects. These pills are an Antioxidant Protection for the Brain.  These pills are clear capsules and have no taste. That's a big plus for me. I hate taking pills, but even worse, there are some supplements that have a horrid taste or are chalky. These are great in that regard. I cannot speak for the results to my health because you really can't tell. I can say that I haven't experienced any ill effects from it so I will continue to use it and reap what benefits it provides.

Out of the two products, I preferred the pill vitamin and will continue to take it. As for the whey, I'm leaving that to my hubby to drink on his own.

Check out Swanson health products. They have a wide selection and you can find just what you're looking for. They also have a Health Library that is very informative.

I was provided both products for the purposes of this review. Thank you Swanson Health!


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