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Sunday, December 5, 2010

0 Scentsy Review

My new favorite thing is Scentsy. They sell scented candles, with over 80 scents available. They also sell different styles of warmers to melt the candles in.

I have tried it before and fell in love with the scents but never really "get around" to ordering more. I recently got the opportunity to try out a full size warmer and scentsy bar. Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled. The full-size warmer that I chose was the Boleyn style warmer. Isn't it gorgeous? I absolutely love it and am so excited that I have it. The Scentsy bar that I chose was the Ocean scent and it was a very clean scent like fresh laundry. It was refreshing to have that wafting through my home.

The bar breaks apart into pieces and you put those into the scentsy warmer. I only put one at a time but you could put more if you wanted a stronger aroma. The warmer plugs into the wall and the heat comes from a light bulb inside. Once the scent is burned out, you dispose of the leftover wax and add another piece of the bar. I use it sparingly, so I only keep it turned on for a short time, then turn it off, letting the aroma linger for a while. This makes it last a lot longer. I do already own a plug-in warmer and it doesn't heat up as quickly or thoroughly as the full sized. I did notice the bulb is bigger in the ufll sized and that's probably why is melts the wax quicker and more evenly. 

The scentsy brand is marketed similar to other products that are sold by independent consultants. You can have a Scentsy party or become a Scentsy consultant. I'm working with Kimberlee Chaney and she is fantastic. You can tell that she really enjoys being with Scentsy. If you would like to join scentsy or order scentsy products, go to her site:
Let her know that Tiffany from Tiff's Pixie Dust sent you.

Disclosure: I received a full-size warmer and scentsy bar for the purposes of this review. No other compensation was provided.


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