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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

0 Hard Candy Review

Hard Candy is a cosmetic line that is fun, easy to use, reasonably priced, and look great. They have products for your Face, Nails, Lips, Eyes and Body. You might have seen them before while shopping at Walmart. They are sold exclusively there. I practically live in Walmart so am always seeing a hard candy product that I want to buy.

Even though I pass them all the time in Walmart, pick them up, and want them, or whatever reason, I always put it back down. I never used to be like that, if I wanted something, I bought it, no questions asked. I've become so very frugal over the past 2 years while my hubby was out of work and those little things just didn't get purchased. I got to the point where I wouldn't even go down those aisles so I wouldn't be tempted. He is back to work, and my eyes are open again. I'm starting to buy things for myself again and Hard Candy keeps drawing my attention in everytime I see it.

I think the first thing that catches my eye is the beautiful artwork on their packaging. It seems to be geared more for the teens but I just love it!  I was lucky enough to receive two Hard Candy products to review.

Hide and Glow duo cheek tint - This has blush on both ends of this stick. It applies very similar to the way a lip balm applies. I don't use blush all the time, but when I do, this will be a very quick, easy way to apply the blush. I only applied a little to both sides and didn't need to do any further blending. That's usually the reason I don't use blush is because you have to blend it evenly on both sides, and before you know it you have rosie cheeks. This one was great for that though. The two colors provided weren't overly powerful in color so you could have that subtle blush look.

Eye Def glitter eyeshadow - This one is very flashy. The eyeshadow itself is moist / liquidy and the application is set up like a lip gloss with the container squeezes off the excess. I love sparkles! Who doesn't, right. At first I thought it would be just too much flash with the glittery lids, but it actually turned out great. I even tried it out one step further and added a little of it to my eyelashes too so they can be sparkly too.

The pic is not great because the makeup doesn't really translate over photo from my little snapshot but I thought it turned out great. I look forward to trying more Hard Candy products.

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I was sent this product for the purposes of this review, I did not receive any other compensation. These are my opinions.


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