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Thursday, December 9, 2010

0 Gourmet Orchards Review and Giveaway Ends 01-10-11


Who wants a yummy snack? Gourmet Orchards sells Seasonal Citrus and Gourmet Nuts. My attention goes straight to the nuts. They sell them roasted, candied and flavored in all varieties of nuts. They prepare their nuts in small batches in order to preserve the quality. If you are looking for a yummy present to send someone for Christmas, this is a good place to start.

From their site:
"At Gourmet Orchards quality is our number one priority and is never sacrificed. From the time you place your order, until the moment you savor the last of your gourmet gift, you’ll experience quality at its finest. Our gourmet roasted nuts are prepared only after selecting the choicest ingredients available and then roasted in small batches in order to assure the freshest and most irresistible treat around. Our premium Arizona citrus is hand selected and packed so that you can rest assured that you are receiving the best online citrus available to buy. In addition to offering the highest quality roasted nuts and premium citrus fruit gifts online, we guarantee that your order will be shipped within 3 business days of the time you place your order. Usually the same day!"
Gourmet Orchards sent me 4 different types of gourmet nuts to review. They came in 8 oz bags individually labelled with Name, ingredients, and nutritional values. They were delivered in a cardboard box with those little zigzag filler brown paper confetti. (There goes me and my technical terms again.LoL) It was like a gift sifting through the paper to discover each bag.  I am already a fan of nuts, especially honey roasted cashews. I could sit down and eat an entire container if I'm not careful.
Here's a little breakdown for each one I received:

Honey Roasted Cashews
Starting out the gate, I already know that I love honey roaseted cashews. These were exceptional. The taste of honey wasn't exaggerated. It was more a sweet sugary taste. So Yummy!

Chocolate Covered Cashews
Cashews is by far, my favorite type of nut. The chocolate tasted very good. Because the cashews are so soft, it did kind of bury the taste of the nut. With the smaller ones, it didn't seem like there was a nut inside, just like a chocolate peice of candy. Still very delicious but not my favorite of the ones I tried.

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
I love dark chocolate but only in moderation. This one, I'll grab a couple, enjoy them so much, and not need anymore for a while. I found these very enjoyable. There is just enough chocolate to coat them but the nut is harder than a cashew and more pronounced. You get to taste both the yummy chocolate and the nut itself. This one is fantastic!

Chocolate Toffee Peanuts
I saved the best for last. Peanuts are not my favorite. I think it has a lot to do with the skin that is on them. When you get a thing of peanuts you always get a stray piece of it in your mouth. With these, as soon as you put it up to your mouth and inhale, you smell the peanut itself. Then once you eat it, there's crunchy bits of toffee in the chocolate and some type of powdered sugar lightly sprinkled on the outside. This one is my favorite one of all. I couldn't get enough and ate half the bag the first day.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these!

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Contest will end 01-10-11 23:59 ET. Winners will have 2 days to respond, unless another winner will be chosen.  
I was sent this product for the purposes of this review, I did not receive any other compensation. These are my opinions.


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