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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

0 Enjoying Tea Review

It's started to get colder outside and I just love a cup of hot tea. Just this morning the kids and my hubby had some hot cocoa and I had a cup of hot tea. You probably have to either love it or not care for it at all. I'm a tea lover.

Enjoying Tea sells a vast array of loose tea, tea bags, tea makers, tea sets, tea pots, and tea accesories. There is so much there to choose from. I knew there were tons of different types of tea out there but it never really soaked in until I saw Enjoying Tea's website. Story of my life, especially since I've begun blogging and reviewing products. I discovered entire worlds of products that I never realized were out there. All you of experienced tea drinkers that have been buying online for years will scoff at my amazement. Up to now, I've only bought my tea at the grocery store, from their selection. My eyes are open now and I love it.

Enjoying Tea was generous enough to provide me with a smart tea maker and three flavors of loose tea for this review.

First, I want to mention the smart tea maker. I've never made tea in this way before. The concept is simple yet very functional. There is a mesh piece and stopper on the bottom so you can put your loose tea and hot water in the container. The way that it is designed that just sitting on the counter, the tea won't spill out. It only releases the tea when you set the round bottom portion on top of your cup, pushing the circle up and lifting the stopper. Once the tea is emptied out in your cup, you are done.  I must warn though, for anyone that has not used the loose tea before, you only need a little bit. My first batch I put too much in and the tea swelled up so much! I didn't let it go to waste though. I made 3 cups from that batch. Now I only use a little bit. For me, it's a pinch. You can decide what's best for you and your tastes.

Now I want to mention the tea itself. The flavors that I received obviously are very fruity, that is what I like and asked to review. Each one of them tasted so great. Out of the three, the Apple spice black tea was my favorite. The black teas were stronger than the green tea. I did love that apple spice in black tea over the apple green. I'm not sure if it was the taste or just how strong it was.  The smell is my favorite part, though. The taste of each is very apparent....Apple, Strawberry, very yum. What hits you first though is the aroma. I love the smell when you first open the tin, then again when you take that first sip.

I'm no professional at this. I can't describe that it was pretentious with a hit of Jasmine and made on a warm spring day. I'm a mommy blogger with a real life opinion. My opinion is that I love this tea maker and the different flavors of tea that I got to try. Now I don't want to go back to making my plain ol' Lipton tea bag Tea. Ha!

Thank you for reading. I urge you to check out their site. It's got a bunch of great stuff there. Maybe you could get your loved one a tea maker or tea set for Christmas. I'm sure it's not too late for it to get to you in time.

I did not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review and the opinions here are mine!


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