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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

0 Chronicles of the Mind game Review and Giveaway Ends 01-17

Here's a fun game for you to add to your Family Game Night.

Chronicles of the Mind is a storytelling card game. This comes in a somewhat small package so you can throw into a your bag when going onto vacation, camp, grandma's house, or even keep in the car to play while traveling.

The concept is pretty simple.

You have two different types of cards.
Voting cards: For use in Bamboozle category. You use these at the before your story to say that you are telling the truth or a fib.
Category Cards: You draw these to tell what topic you are to tell your story about.
Some of the category cards are Invention, passing gas story, dining story, stuffed animal story....
Just to name a few. The cards are written in 4 languages.

There are 4 different ways to play:
Chronicler: You draw a card, tell your story and the next player does the same.
Kit n' Caboodle: One person draws a card from the deck and everyone shares a story based on that category
The Gambler: Everyone is dealt 5 cards. You can return some or all of them and receive new ones. Then each player shares their stories matching their cards
The Bamboozle:You pick up a card, use a voting card to say if you will be telling the truth or a fib, tell your story matching the category card, The othe players guess whether you were true to your voting card or not. Points are issued based on who guessed right.

My favorite is the Kit n-Caboodle game. I like it because even if you aren't the greatest story teller, you kind of feed off of everyone else's story. You'll find more and more creativity as the game goes on. I for one, am not a great story teller and stumble a lot. The Bamboozle category just does not work for me because I do not have a poker face at all. Everyone can tell if I'm fibbing or telling the truth. Everyone's guesses would always be right and the points are out the window.

The box recommends age 10 and up. You'd be suprised how creative of stories that kids younger than that will come up with. My daughter is almost 8 and played. She did have trouble getting started but it's fun to include her, especially in games that challenge her mind and creative thinking. You can have a lot of fun and get some laughs out of everyone's kooky stories. You could even learn things that you didn't know about the other people.

One reader will win their own Chronicles of the Mind game.

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Contest will end 01-17-11 23:59 ET. Winners will have 2 days to respond, unless another winner will be chosen.  
I was sent this product for the purposes of this review, I did not receive any other compensation. These are my opinions.


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