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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

0 Chop Saver Review and Giveaway Ends 01-21

I love trying new products! I was searching to find new products to try out and discovered Chop Saver chapsticks. I had to do a double take on the name, but then it all made sense, save your chops....with Chop Saver. LoL  I had a little commercial forming in my head.
Chop Saver was created by Dan Gosling, who was a professional trumpet player for over 20 years. He knows first hand how much abuse lips take when you play an instrument. He hadn't found anything on the market that really worked, so he decided to create Chop Saver. It was designed with musicians in mind but everyone can use it. Their slogan: Chopsaver - For People with Lips! 

Made of 100% natural ingredients, ChopSaver is a combination of shea butter, mango butter and other natural moisturizers. Its secret weapon is a mixture of herbs that promote healing and reduce swelling, chapping and soreness in a natural, gentle way. And the smell is clean yet not overpowering. (from their website)
 I love that the products are all natural. I am starting to look for that quality in every item that I purchase. I don't know if it's an unconscious effort to be more earth friendly or what, but it's become more and more important in my shopping.

Chop Saver sent me one Original and one Gold. The different between the two is that the Gold has SPF15 in it. I live in Florida and look for SPF also when shopping. You can never be too careful. Because it's sunny the majority of the time, I am outside a lot and exposed to the rays of the sun. It's nice to know that my lips are protected with the Gold.

They both have a faint citrus scent which I find pleasant, even though I only really smell it while I am applying it. After it's been on my lips for a bit, I don't notice any smell at all. My lips feel amazing when I have Chop Saver on. It keeps them moist but is not all shiny like the cosmetic lip glosses. The only lip protectant that I've tried that compares in quality to is Carmex and when it comes to comparing the two, Chop Saver wins because it doesn't have the Carmex smell. I don't need to re-apply for hours which is great. Yesterday I was out shopping all day and only reapplied once. My lips tend to chap and even crack down the middle and bleed, so I have to keep some form of chapstick on most of the time. I notice it's worse when I work for a few days in a row, because I talk constantly to do my job. This product keeps my lips moist so no cracking or drying out.

I'm a big fan of the product. The labelling and packaging is simple but cute. The price is a little steep with a 2 pack (one of each) for $9.90 plus shipping. It is worth it though, if you consider how much money you've spent on chapsticks and lip gloss trying to find something that actually works. I am keeping them in mind for when these run out and I need more. When that time comes, I'll be looking to get them online here. The bigger the package, the more you save.

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I was sent this product for the purposes of this review, I did not receive any other compensation. These are my opinions.


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