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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

0 Head Chefs Review

I have a new product line to share with everyone. The name of the company is Head Chefs and they are a collection of 17 character based utensils that make it fun to learn while helping you prepare meals.
This is a fantastic product line that even as an adult I got very excited about.
The utensils that I received were the ice cream bowl, measuring spoon, spatula, knife, and spoon.

They are made of a silicone material and flexible. The little arms and legs can move and bend into different positions and the feet have a suction cup effect and can stick to the counter, table, etc. One of our favorite things about them is the belly button and the little butt. I got such a kick out of that, probably more than my kids. LoL. They also came with a music video DVD.

The thing is that my youngest is 7 and although she thought they were absolutely adorable, she was a little old for them and past the age where she gets enjoyment out of "playing" with toys like that. (On a side note, it makes me a little sad with each milestone we hit like this that my children have gotten so big that they are "too old" to play with certain toys that even as an adult, I have a blast playing with. Maybe I'm just a big kid at heart)

I have a solution though. My friend Will has a little one named Ethan who is 3 years old, so I graciously donated the utensils to him, so he could get joy out of playing with them. Here is a picture of little Ethan with them. How cute is that?! My friend says that he loves them so much that he doesn't put them down. Ethan had always been eager to help out in the kitchen but now with these, he gets very excited about making meals and helping. Little Ethan was given a cookie and was having a great time exploring a little independence using the kid-friendly Head Chefs knife to cut the cookie up before he ate it.

It makes me miss the times when my children were that little. I have to admit here that I completely misread the letter that was sent with the products and that what was sent to me were for review and giveaway purposes, however I had already given them to little Ethan, so can only complete this post as a review only. Full Disclosure is in order here and I do feel badly my misunderstanding.

I do have another little nephew, Zach who is 4 years old, who I just may have to buy some for Xmas because these are absolutely adorable. I recommend you check them out.

I received no other compensation than the utensils and DVD. The words here are my absolute opinion and truly believe in the quaility of this product! Thank you Head Chefs for sponsoring. I am happy to spread the word.


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