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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

0 Firefly Toothbrush Review

I have a great product to introduce to your little ones. Halloween was just here and I'm sure you have tons of candy that the kids are eating. I know we have tons of candy that my kids got and I have to be extra diligent to make sure they are brushing their teeth properly. If I didn't remind them, they'd never do it on their own....and when they do, it's not nearly thorough enough or long enough. As a matter of fact, my daughter is picking out a piece of candy right now as I'm writing this so she can take it with her in her lunchbox.

So the question is, how do you make brushing your teeth fun so that the kids actually want to brush their teeth?

I have a solution. It's called the Firefly lightup timer toothbrush.

You press the bottom of the toothbrush and it's starts pulsing with light.

It will continue to pulse with light for one minute.

The one I received was translucent yellow and pulsed red light.The bristles are "soft" so it's not too rough on those tender gums.

This really does make it fun for the kids to brush their teeth and you can be sure that as long as they continue until the flashing stops, your child brushes for at least one solid minute.

It was a big hit with my kids and I'm sure it will be for yours also.

If you'd like to purchase them for yourself, you can visit

The stores in my area that sell them are WalMart, Target and Big Lots. There are more stores on the site so check it out. They also have other designs including characters such as Hello Kitty and Superman.

Firefly did provide me a toothbrush for the purposes of this review. No other compensation was provided. Thank you FireFly and The Product Review Place for allowing me this opportunity, otherwise, I wouldn't know about this great product to spread the word about.


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