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Monday, July 19, 2010

0 Just a little Blah

Just cleaned up the blog posted and deleted the outdated ones. I've been entering tons of giveaways and just LOVE checking my mailbox every day! I sat down with my daughter today and took pics of most of the winnings that I've already received and will be posting them up on my facebook soon.... for anyone who is interested. I'm winning so many great things. To think that I started on June 11 and I've already up to 79 giveaways won. Amazing. I'm officially addicted. LOL

Thanks to whoever is veiwing this.....I hope to actually get my blog up and running. Right now I don't have many followers and don't really know how to get into hosting my own giveaways, so for the time being, I'll keep posting some of the giveaways that I come accross. I have to admit lately, I've been in such a swing of entering giveaway after giveaway that I usually pass up the entries for posting on my own blog. I keep telling myself that once I get caught up with the giveaways I'll be able to post more here.

Now I am rambling.

Have a great Day!


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